Based on more than 30 years in data analysis as developer, consultant, and teacher I have developed a multi-tools platform/framework for working with process intelligence. I have tools for data access, model generation and execution, and presentation. Starting from present historical data, process knowledge, and statistical design of experiments, the company offers improved process understanding and resource deployment. This is achieved by our offered consultancy services, in collaboration with the customer, such as:
  • Development of tailor-made real time applications for monitoring, prediction, control, and optimization of industrial processes
  • Modeling and documentation of process variations and relationships
  • Process communication through OPC
  • Statistical services
  • Modeling of relationships in general
  • Seminars and education in DoE and multivariate data analysis
  • Programming in general in C, C++, C#, R, Matlab, and Fortran
I use standard software as much as possible, and write code in Microsoft Visual Studio to integrate the components. Currently I mainly use:
  • Own software components,
  • Matlab from Mathworks,
  • Genesis-64 from Iconics,
  • Microsoft Office,
  • MODDE, and SIMCA-P from Umetrics,
  • ExtendSim from Imagine That.
I also provide services for RaspberryPi, Arduino, and NodeMCU.